SQLite storage can open database but can't read data

Hi guys,

I have strange issue with ionic SQLite storage (plugin cordova-sqlite-storage “^2.3.3”) on an Android 7.0 device.
I have a pre populated database (a geopackage file .gpkg), when I open it - it’s OK. It also executes queries like select, but alway returns an empty array. There are no error messages. When I check the file - it’s also ok, it has all data.
It works on Windows 10 device without any issues.

Do you have any ideas why it could have so strange behavior? Could you please help me?


  1. The path, where databases are stored:
  • windows: file.dataDirectory (file - File from ‘@ionic-native/file’)
  • Android: file.applicationStorageDirectory + “/databases”
    If there is no databasa with a given name - the plugin will create an empty one. Thats why no error messages.
  1. The connection object to a database must be a singelton