SQLite Plugin - Recursive Data

I have a recursive, drag-and-drop tree Vue Component that updates a json object when an UI/DOM-item is moved from location A to location B. I want to save the json data as “the state of the UI tree (at least)”. What’s the best way to do that, using the Capacitor SQLite Plugin?

You could also just use the @capacitor/storage plugin. It uses SharedPreferences on Android and UserDefaults on iOS and is meant for smaller-scale storage. You could definitely use the SQLite plugin, it’s great! But for something smaller I’d recommend the storage plugin

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Thanks @thomasvidas

What can I use if I aim to have data that weighs in around 100MBs?


Oh! That is a little bigger than I expected :sweat_smile:. I would recommend either the community sqlite plugin or if you pay for Ionic Enterprise, the secure storage plugin.