Sqlite Database

How can load sqlite database to early after login on the app its consume to much time fetching the data from database. How to solve this problem ?

I did not get your query. Are you asking about opening a database? Because if that the case, then it shouldn’t take much time. You can simply access your database by using:

window.sqlitePlugin.openDatabase({name: DB_NAME, location: ‘default’});

and assigning this to a variable and then use the same variable to perform a transaction. Also, in usual scenarios, fetching data from Sqlite should not take much time unless your tables contain a huge chunk of data. Could you please tell me how much time approximately it takes to execute your fetching query and how exactly are you doing it?

Santi Mendon

When I’m using in my .apk it takes so much time to launch the app it takes 30-35 minutes, after it my app launch(Shows Homescreen), how to control this time ?

Thanks in Advance,
Nitish kumar Sharma

30-35 mins is a lot of time for app launch. Will need a few details:

  1. Does your app launch after 30 mins?
  2. Could you please share some configuration details.

Let’s see if it’s the sqlite creating a problem or something else. Also,
try launching your app without the sqlite functionality and see how much
time it takes.

Sanket Mendon