SQL server with ionic

Hello everyone.
I will work with an existing SQL server database, do I have to connect with it and retrieve and update the data using API’s ?
if I have to use API, how to implement an API ? I have no background in implementing it.

to save time, can i work with local DB in my computer? also how to connect with the database?

thanks all :heart_eyes_cat:

You can use WebAPI+Entity Framework to create API . which fetch data from sql server and provide data to user via API.

so you mean I have to use the API ? and what do you mean by Entity framework ? can you give me examples and explain more please :slightly_smiling:

thanks a lot

see these links


thanks a lot!
but I’m working on iMac ? can I download visual studio on it ?

thanks again .

Yes, You can use visual studio code

Good :heart_eyes_cat:!!
Can I creat API for local DB to test it instead of the company DB ?

Hi Nouf_kh have a look at this, it may help you to sort it out: http://codecanyon.net/item/quizionic-a-quiz-app-template-for-ionic-framework-with-sqlite-database/14205904