Splitting tab content


Hi guys,
I’ve got a problem with my app. I’m using i-on tabs class
and in each tab a part of an ion-content is the same.
It’s like the top half containts photo and a title and the bottom half has two descriptions.
What I want to do is when I change the tab I want to top half of the view stay the same while the
bottom one change. Is there any way to accomplish this?
I find it difficult as long as each tab has only one ion-content.

Thanks in advance for any hints!


I’d use ng-include, ng-view, etc.


Any more details? Because even if I use ng-include or ng-view in particular tab’s content the view is changing. And if I place it outside the tabs its overlapping the header which looks poor.


Well, technically, the content is changing… but sometimes it’s sufficient that the content look the same… hence, inclusion of a template.

Are you concerned about event handlers getting messed up? As long as you use the ng- attributes for events, they get hooked up automagically upon inclusion.