Splitpane on IOS device

Hey guys,

I just started to test the new Ionic v6 (beta) framework and I deployed a starter template onto my iPad device to figure out about performance, etc.

I deployed the sidemenu template - does somebody know, why the splitpane border (visible on this screenshot) is not visible on my device?

Thanks in advance,

@mhartington Any idea how to solve this issue? Why is this right border of the menu missing once you deploy on IOS devices such as an iPad? I could also provide a device screenshot if needed.

Could you share a device screenshot? Could just be a device ratio thing, but I don’t have an ipad to test against

Here is the screenshot of my device. It’s a regular iPad Air (iOs 12.5.4 / Model MD788FD/B).

Hmm, I tested in a sim and had the same issue on v5 :thinking:
Given that you’re testing an older release of iOS (12.5), It could be related to that

Here’s the v6 beta on ios 12 (left) and the latest stable ios 14 (right).

I use currently V6, but I am not able yet to update on iOS 14 :frowning: Is there any other CSS hack available?

V6 just got released to beta…So probably not a good idea to ship with it in production.

Off the top of my head, none that I can think of. But worth noting that ios 12 is like less than 5% of all iOS devices, so it’s probably not a big deal.

Just as a heads up, Framework v6 does not support iOS 12: ionic-framework/BREAKING.md at 9ce57d2efb84130895a37e22e0fd7e5d713a9fa5 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

Well… good point. Time to buy another device :slight_smile: But why am I able to deploy it via Xcode - normal?

You might need to set the minimum allowed iOS version in Xcode. Ionic Framework does not manage that.

I will just geht a newer device. I would like to test all nee features of V6. Any idea, when the feature requests will be available (stepper, bottom drawer, date range , …)? Early beta releases V6 or later?

Bottom drawer will be in the v6 beta at some point. Stepper and Date Range are things we are actively collecting feedback on, but nothing to announce yet regarding release.

Just one last question about performance. For a more complex app like e.g. Point of Sale App or something related in complexcity… would you code it with Ionic Angular or Ionic Vue? Thanks in advance. Ionic rocks. Been using it since V1!

As long as best practices are followed, you should be able to produce a performant application in both Angular and Vue.

I would personally choose Ionic Vue, but that’s mainly because I am more familiar with Vue’s syntax than I am with Angular’s.