Split-Pane Menu Toggle

I really like the split pane feature. We do need an example though of how to implement something other than a menu in the left pane and also the self referencing menu in the left pane where pushing to the nav controller for the menu allows you to see a back button. And then we would need to see how a menu item in the left pane can then affect the content on the right. The iOS Email app is the use case I’m thinking of.

Also, my client wants the menu hamburger icon to remain when the split pane side menus appears so they can toggle it off or on depending on what is showing in the right pane.


so, I am not sure what you need. but in split-mode menus can’t be toggled, they are always visible. So the menuToggle does nothing.

I would recommend you to use your own button and implement it yourself by injecting MenuController, instead of relying on menuToggle.

If you want to hide the side menu in split-mode you have two options:

  • Disable the menu
  • use the [when] input in split-panel, this way you can control dynamically when the split-panel side menu should appear.

How do I know from the MenuController that I am in split mode? Since the normal menu icon hamburger icon gets automatically hidden when I enter split mode, I need somehow to make it reappear, or make another icon that looks just like it. Then I can use MenuController methods to hide and show (open and close) the side menu.

Make sense?