Split pane issue

hey all, I am new in Ionic. using ionic 5 with angular. In header I have dynamic button on click load split-pane with dynamic data. When I switch between button Automatically split-pane hide and ngOninit not called. Need dynamic route so using routerLink and lazyloading.

Can you provide an example app of what you are trying to do? We need to see a code example in the form of a github project.

Example chat app.

  • Multiple workspaces in segment button. on segment button routing and load spit-pane view with api data.
    @ionic/angular”: “^5.1.0”,

Can I upload video for show the problem.

Had a similar issue recently. A solution is to put the menu logic directly in app.component.ts, which, unlike the other pages you push to and pop from the Angular navigation stack, is never destroyed, which is perfect for menu data which is persistent.

I made a pull request to your github repo so you can see