Splashscreen with dynamic text


Is it possible to load dynamically content over the splashscreen?
I would like to display the APP-Version as a text-label. But i couldn’t find a way to display some html elements over the splashscreen. I don’t want to create a Image for every single version. I want to load the text dynamically.

Anyone know some workaround for this problem?


i am even very interested in a solution


You can clean Ionic splash and replace with a custom splash using angular and css. See here for implementation.


hey do you know if there is an Ionic2 solution out there ?


@celiostat Not atm. Sorry.


OK thanks
For anyone landing on this page, found those solutions online : https://coursetro.com/posts/code/51/How-to-Make-an-Animated-Ionic-Splash-Page-with-HTML-&-CSS and https://github.com/Flink91/ionic2-animated-splashscreen. I will try implementation later on.