Splashscreen failed build

I am trying to change splash screen in iOS by replacing the default splashscreen with my own, but when I replace the default one with my own png file and then run ionia run iOS the build fails. The problem is that spleshscreen. Ive used many png files because I thought that maybe my images are corrupted but all of them gave me the same error. I also tried to get rid of the splashscreen as well but when I try to delete the default splash screen and not replace them at all the build fails as well. I have my app ready to deploy but that annoying splashcreen doesn’t let me do it. Why there are so many bugs in cordova? and the error never tells you what the problem is. Its very difficult to work with cordova/phonegap/ionic. Its so much easier to fix problems in native development

Hmm, this sounds like it’s more an XCode issue than a Cordova issue. Could you post your error message?

Hi @Magda123 - you could have a read of this post here Customizing the splashscreen / launch image and see if that helps.

Basically as of Cordova 3.6, you can define your own Splash Screens in the root config.xml

Check that you are not referenceing any files in config.xml that are not present on the files system as that may be causing the build to fail

It seems as though the process is trying to copy a file that isn’t there.

Are you sure myapp/Resources/splash/Default@2x~iphone.png exists?

Looks like you have PhonGap specific tags in your config.xml rather than the standard Cordova ones.

Try using the setup described in the Cordova 3.6 offical docs and see if that works. Make sure Cordova is updated to latest version 3.6


I would try starting a new fresh ionic project, not adding any plugins except the splash screen plugin and then try changing the splash screens again as per Cordova 3.6 docs. See if that works. Also, failing that check that everything - ionic, ngCordova, Cordova etc are up to date - even maybe uninstall and then re-install.

I’ve not tried deleting all the Splash Screens from the file system and building an app so not sure what would happen.

Sorry, to be clear, I don’t mean re-do all your work in a new project. I just mean create a test project ionic start myApp tabs so you can quickly test if an empty project builds with just your splashscreen changes. Shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes