Speed up boot time for iOS


Did someone know if there is a topic for the boot time for an iOS app?
I didn’t find it at this moment.

We already know the “–prod” param to make the boot time for an Androidapp from 8-10 to about 3 seconds.

But my iOS version is still 8 seconds or a little bit longer on older devices.
Does anyone know the right settings in Xcode? I build and deploy it from the menu Product - Archive.
Or is there another one to do that?

Thanks in advance

I had tried following command for iOS build using this command it’s reduce loading time, once you run following command open xcode project file from platform/ios folder, then you can Archive this is correct, I had already publish 2 ionic2 apps on Google Play and Apple ituneconnect.

ionic build android --prod --release

Hi @jigsaxis,

Yes I use this command to build for Android.
But for iOS I use Archive, but it is still a longer time then on Android.

Anyone an idea how to make the ios build fast boot?
Or anyone has the same situation?