Specific menu for a specific user

Hello guys, for my project, I’m using ionic 2 with firebase for database. I create two tables which contains two kinds of user. What I want, redirect user towards a specific menu (with pages dedicated to this menu) regarding which table user comes from. Eg: I have 2 tables, teacher and student, and if someone sign in into the app, he is redirected towards the appropriate menu. Teacher menu has a specific pages. Same case for students. None of them can see or navigate to other menu. The problem is I have no clue how to deal with that. I have to find appropriate condition to determine which table user comes from and display menu joined to this condition. I’m opened to all ideas, examples, links or tutorials. Thanks

You probably should have 1 table “users” with a flag that decides if a user is “teacher” or “student”. Then you can branch the code to adapt depending on this value.

Ooow ok…great idea! I didn’t see things in that way. You mean each user should be have a variable ‘teacher’ or ‘student’ and use it to make my decision? By the way, how to set root a menu?

Something like that, or a flag ‘type’ that can be ‘teacher’ or ‘student’. Makes for simpler code than two different fields (except a user can actuall be teacher and student at the same time…).

The way I would do this is to have a service that holds the notion of “current user” and exposes this as a ReplaySubject<User>(1). Then in the app component, you can simply do this:

userService.activeUser.subscribe((user) => {
  if (user) {
    if (user.role === 'teacher') {
      this.rootPage = TeacherRoot;
    } else {
      this.rootPage = StudentRoot;
  } else {
    this.rootPage = LoginPage;

The login page can inject this service and call userService.activeUser.next() with a user object, and the logout feature can do the same and call it with null.