Sounds in Ionic?

So, we were just talking about possibly adding some free sounds into the Ionic project, something like our Ionicons icon pack, but sounds.

Sounds are kind of an interesting topic in mobile, because I think lots of people use their phones on silent and never hear them. But when you do, they add a fun little twist to the experience (like the Twitter app).

So what we’re curious to know is if there is any interest from the community in some free sounds to go with the Ionic framework? They wouldn’t be required, but could be added and would fit in well with the rest of the design.

We would love to hear your thoughts! :beers:


Love to have it as an additional feature. :slight_smile:

To me, this feels like really low-priority in comparison to solid Android support.

Agreed @jprichardson. Luckily, it wouldn’t be us making them, and we are focusing only on the framework performance and such right now, so it wouldn’t be an issue.

Our hardware guru told me one main reason is consideration of power consumption and environmental issues - noise. I believe engaging more senses is better for UX. Sound can and should be used more in mobile development. I am working on a prototype right now that uses certain sounds to augment the UX for confirmation of certain events etc; when we compared it to the version without sounds 62% of the beta group preferred the one with sound, 20% did not care and the rest wanted it turned off. So anything you can do in that space would be useful but I do agree with @jprichardson, solid platform support trumps this. Hope that helps.

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Thanks @zeleration, all good considerations. It won’t be something we’ll do soon, but perhaps later next year.

Hi max,
It’s been a while since you have suggested the sound package.
I wanted to know if this is in progress.
Anyway, I support doing that :smile:


How is this going? It would be really awesome if you guys tuck this in.
Nobody loves to browse the web for common sound’s that would indicated some UI events. It would be great if you did this. I read from TechCrunch that you have a lot of financial resources available at your end :wink:. So this should not be a problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @max

Really good idea !
I got through this king of thoughts for my app and it was a real pain to find sounds (and even now, I’m not quite satisfied :frowning: ).
So, to me, it would be a really great (and unique for a web/mobile project I think) help if you added a sound package.

An other thing is how to play sound on hybrid app. I got through this and I ended with a lot of permissions ( only for some tiny sound… It would be great if you could improve media plugin to be more modular (in many cases, recording sound is not necessary I think).

I hope it will come soon.
Keep up your really great work :smiley:

Must have! Specially for real-time apps or reminders)