Sound with a condition

Hi everyone! I’m developing an app which contains really long pages, for user keep scrolling the page for a while until find an important information (a button), but this one can be passed away accidentally, so would be very nice if a sound was played while some information(button) were being showed. the only thing that have come on my mind is a sound limited by a coordinate on page, but I don´t have idea how to do that. Help me please!!

thank u folks,
Beginner programmer


maybe you can use something like that and customice to your needs.

But that what you describe sounds not really customer friendly. Maybe you can split your pages to a more easy-to-navigate units in tabs, slides, pages, whatever…

Best regards, anna-liebt

Also, if there are buttons that can be overscrolled, it is maybe a choise that instead the user must search for it, you provide it for them in a menu, a bar, a fab, etc…