Someone help me

Well guys , I’m new in the art of programming . I’m enjoying it more .

I am looking for a guidance because I do not know what to do . want to learn to save the information entered in Texo box in my database .

my project :

thank you

Well, it looks like you’ve got your project directory set up properly. How far along are you in the process? Are you able to launch your app from the terminal?

sorry about my english.

my application is running . I have done the compilation , already put it on my phone . the problem and whether I want to save having communicated the information typed into the text box. in my database. I believe it is something om angular.js 'm not sure .**

Which page view is this on? From what I understand, you’re trying to submit text data from your app to a database. Is this correct?

it. even want to be able to store having communicated the information in my database.