Some questions

Hello everyone!

We are creating a software that we want to generate an app for smartphones.
We’d like to automate every process to create an app.
By creating an app with our software, we’d like to create a copy of our master branch with different configurations (specified by user settings, as logo, colors, brand, etc…), this way, if we need to release any kind of updates, we would update our master branch and every app branch, without changing the user configuration, and updating only some core changes in every app. I don’t know if that is possible with ionic pro and i really would love some help here.

I have some questions down bellow, but i would be really happy if you could suggest any other way of doing this without the need to rebuild and repost every single app in the stores (that i believe that’s ionic pro’s objective).

With ionic pro, can i create multiple builds that are auto-builded from different branches in the same github project, generating multiple apps updates at the same time?

With api can i add more branches to my automatic builds on my git settings of my app? If i can, can i add/setup channels with this new branches i added?

Can i setup different channels builds to generate a package ready to go to app store / play store?

Any sugestions?

Thank you!