Some question about slide box dots and header bar align

Hello so i’m trying to align title to left + align verticaly
image trying to align to right.
and how to put dots of slidebox above the footer bar?
and the button bar seems to click all buttons didin’t test this on ios :slight_smile:

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anyone could help with this?:slight_smile:

To align the title left, you can use ion-nav-bar like this:

The dots appear to be above the footbar to me. I’m not sure what you mean by “the button bar seems to click all buttons”.

Can i change height of dots or food bar and sub-footbar?

You can change the footer bar by overriding these classes:

.bar-footer {
    height: 64px !important;

.has-footer {
   bottom: 64px  !important;

The height of the dots looks like it’s controlled by .slider-pager, changing the height and line-height works:

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Thank you this will help me :wink:

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