Some Creator components are missing


New and happy to be here.
I am evaluating Creator and Ionic-Pro in general.
I realized that some components like “Button Bar” and “HTML” are missing and I can not add them to create my first demo app. Is it related to version 3.x? since the CSS also is not setup yet for ver 3.x as the system messages. Is it related to limitation of my subscription?
Is there more limitations for ver 3.x in other Pro services as well?


Missing from where? In comparison to what?


Well, I was reviewing some tutorials, and they where there in Creator component list, you supposed to drag- drop them to your pages.
I tried to do the same, but they are not there for ver 3.x
I contacted your support and found out they are not available for ver 3.x for now.

for your record, this is one of the tutorials:
you can view from minute 2:00 of the video.


It’s as bad as it sounds. You can’t even create a new Tabs app and run it, it fails to run. There are some very bad things going on right now with Creator. I am deathly afraid to even open an existing app for fear it will corrupt it because of the missing items.
When you create a new Tab app then view it in the IDE, there are no icons on the bottom of the page. I have been using Creator for a long time, and today, things are really messed up. I tried to create a new app on multiple computers, just to make sure it didn’t have anything to do with a memory issue on my computer, but I get the same result on all computers I try.


So, what about the other services, like Live Deployment, are they working properly for you?


These are 100% unrelated to Ionic Creator.