SOLVED: Which is the limit of state chain?



I’ve an app in beta version with sideview template and some dialog. From a a view, I go to a new view and ok, but when from this latest view, I need to open a dialog or to go a new state, the parent view switch to login state. This is strange because I check app states and are ok.

chain states is:
Login -> app.state1 -> app.mail -> app.reply ( not ok - it goes to login )…


Anyone Has the same problem?


if your login state is your “otherwise” definition your “new” state is wrong.


HI, I’ve solved the problem. The issue was caused by this error:

<a class="tab-item" href="#" ng-click="replyAllEmail()" >

So on <a> is not possible to ng-click.


It is possible, but then you should not add an additional href attribute ;).

href triggers by click and ng-click triggers by click.



Yes. Is it. I confirm.