[Solved] Which Cordova version should I use?

I have problems with the latest version. Also with 6.0.0.
Which should have least problems? I could not find any information in Ionic documentation.

What are the problems exactly?
Most likely it’s an issue with your environment/setup and not with cordova itself.

If you don’t share your problems anybody will not able to help you here.

Problem solved:

With latest version (8.0.0?) of Cordova, I get error with signInSuccess callback of https://github.com/firebase/firebaseui-web. Does not happen with 6.0.0.

With 6.0.0, there was some error installing the app to the device.

I tried now 7.1.0, and that does not seem to have any issues yet.

glad to hear that your problem solved now. :slight_smile: