[SOLVED] Webstorm 2016 is super slow when developing Ionic 2, anyone having same issues?


Hey there,

I’m using Webstom 2016 IDE to develop an Ionic 2 app.

I noticed that it only becomes this slow when I’m developing with Ionic 2, it works well with everything else that I use.

Has anyone else encountered the same issue?



What you could try (I didn’t yet) is exclude the www folder, since it’s files are regenerated by a background process it might keep trying to re-index a lot of stuff, I noticed that whenever you have your focus on Webstorm most of the time it seems to work mostly fine.


Fixed it by updating to latest version.

Seems like the Angular 2 support they had in version 2016.1 was a bit buggy. Now in 2016.2 they have better and smoother support.



Pro-tip use the EAP since Angular2 is not stable yet.


Wasn’t aware they had an EAP. Thanks!


@msegers thanks a lot! I’ve excluded www folder and now it works much faster :slight_smile:

Just right click on folder, you wanna exclude, in IDE and choose 'Mark directory as' -> 'Excluded'