(SOLVED) Transition from one tab to another tab

Hi All,

I am new to Ionic and I have run into an issue.

I have a use case where I want to transition from one tab to another. I am in Tab 1 and I want to transition to a view inside Tab 2. I can transition to the top view of Tab 2, but not inside deeper views.

I have a codepen here http://codepen.io/balpreetspankaj/pen/onGyC which shows the situation.

In Tab 1, there are two links:

  1. Tab 2 > Info
  2. Tab 2 > Index

Transition to Tab 2 > Index works , but transition to Tab 2 > Info does not work (the url on the browser changes to the right url but the view is not updated). Note that Tab 2 > Index is the top view for the tab.

Why am I not able to transition to Tab 2 > Info ? Is it a restriction that you cannot transition across tabs to a view which is not the top view ?


Ok, my understanding of tabs was incorrect. Tabs provide a view with its own history. And it does not make sense transitioning between two view histories. I have resolved my issue.