[SOLVED] Track errors and crashes, advice on tools

Anyone has got a feedback, advice or experience to share on which tool/product to use to track errors and crashes of Ionic app in production?

According the 2017 dev survey (https://ionicframework.com/survey/2017#results) these exist:

  • Firebase crash reporting
  • Fabric/crashalytics
  • Sentry
  • TrackJS
  • Rollbar
  • Bugsnag
  • Opbeat

What really matter for me about that subject is:

  1. of course the reliability of the tool
  2. if possible a free solution
  3. the library should be small. I don’t want for example to add the all firebase library to my bundle just to track error and crash. Smaller the bundle is, faster the app boot is, happier the users are

Thx in advance for your thoughts

No one? No thoughts, no advices?

And the winner is: Sentry

I picked this service for the following reasons:

  • It’s free until 10k events/month

  • The integration in a Ionic/Angular app is super simple. They even provide the code to add, inclusive the token you need, during their wizard when you create your account respectively you could set up their service with a simple copy/paste and that’s it

  • Other solutions, like Firebase crash reporting, have to be integrated thru the use of a Cordova plugins where Sentry is “only” a Javascript library. Last week I spend a lot of time implementing Cordova workaround and migrating to cordova-android@7.0.0, therefore I was just not in the mood to go for another Cordova plugin :wink:

  • Their lib is enough small. I checked the vendor.js source map (after ionic serve) and I noticed that raven-js (the library of Sentry) was 92.92 kB respectively 92.92 kB before any compression (--prod). It probably means something like maybe 0.1s or 0.2s more boot time on iPhone 6, I’m fine with that (this time)

I was looking for same and came across this question. Sentry doesn’t seem supporting windows phone UWP. So are there any tools that support ionic 3 and all platforms - android, ios and windows mobile. Most of the tools seem supporting only Android and iOS.
Just if anyone has explored something that have support for UWP as well ?