[SOLVED][Stencil] lazy-img component doesn't work after build production

I have just deployed a dummy stencil website to test the lazy-img component from the ionic-pwa-toolkit on firebase and it looks like the component doesn’t work. After this I noticed that this doesn’t work neither if I serve the website after a production build.

npm start = ok
npm run build + npm run serve = not ok

Do I do something wrong?

     <h1>Lazy img</h1>
     <lazy-img src={"/assets/img/room.jpg"} alt={"A room"}></lazy-img>


After debugging, looks like that this.el.shadowRoot after a prod build is null in lazy-img…any idea?


It seems that I’m facing this issue https://github.com/ionic-team/stencil/issues/419

Till the issue will be fixed, shadow dom having been removed from the lazy-img component of the ionic-pwa-toolkit and therefore this issue is solved