[solved] Newbie questions on the dev environment - please help me get started

I was watching this video http://learn.ionicframework.com/videos/ion-tabs-directive/ and I noticed

  1. how code pop up tips were showing up as the instructor was typing.
    2)I also noticed the very helpful preview window to the right.

How can I also get some of this awesomeness?

I use TextMate and a Mac btw.
Big thanks!

I think they are using the IDE WebStorm for that.
In the new version you got the preview mode ;).

Hi and thanks bengtler!

I’ve downloaded the 30 day trial for Webstorm now.
I’ve manage to get a preview window up and it does show the changes after I’ve saved the code and manually refreshed the preview window (just another browser tab really).
So it’s not quite as live as shown in the video. Do you have any tips for me to make it better?

LiveReload should be happening if you run ionic serve.  
Some other options are Github’s https://atom.io/ editor where someone created a preview plugin.
There is also a way to do live reload on a device which the Ionic team recently added (that I can’t wait to get a chance to look at!).

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YES :smile:
That did the trick. It’s not streaming live per se but it automatically refreshes every time I save and that’s great. Thanks artjumble!