SOLVED: Keyboard opens and closes on focus

Hey guys,

I’m running into an issue where the keyboard pops up and then immediately closes on all inputs in a certain state and their sub-states when focusing on the input field. Along with that, the ‘keyboard-open’ class is attached to the body which doesn’t normally happen on Android.

This may extend into an issue that I’ve encountered before with the bottom row of tabs showing on top of the keyboard when open.

I’m looking further into it, but so far I’m not sure where I went wrong.

EDIT: It appears after it happens once, it happens on all text inputs in any state there after.
EDIT: Figured out the issue. ‘hide-on-keyboard-open’ property is broken (as of rc4) and will cause major errors across all platforms. Code was added once for testing on the tabs (and failed to get that working) and was leftover causing the issue.

Issue is happening on Android 5.1 and Chrome 42.