[Solved] Ionic 2: ActionSheetController

I am trying to use ActionSheetController so I added the import as per the documents

import { ActionSheetController } from 'ionic-angular'

but I am getting the following error

Module '"c:/Projects/testApp/node_modules/ionic-angular/index"' has no exported member 'ActionSheetController'.
import ActionSheetController

Any advice please

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I am getting the same error with ionic version 2 beta 10 . did you manage to solve it ?

I believe you have to be using beta 11 to use the ActionSheetContoller that was something new introduced in that release. You should update your angular2 and ionic packages go to the GitHub and maybe read the changelog. If you stay on beta 10, although u highly recommend updating, import straight ActionSheet instead

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I am using ionic 2.0.0-beta.37

That is the Ionic CLI in your package.json will be the version of Ionic framework library. The latest version of that is beta 11.

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Updating to the latest fixed the issues

Tip the command npm outdated helped to identify what modules to update

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