[solved] `ion-infinite-scroll.on-infinite` is triggered on first render

I’m going crazy over here. I have this infinite list that loads stuff from my server that was working fine. Suddenl it started to trigger the on-infinite function much too early, after some investigation I found out it actually triggers it the first time when the site ist first rendered!

What could be the reason when the on-infinite function of an ion-infinite-scroll is triggered on the first render?

Hmm, this solved the problem for now it seems:

I was under the impression this defaults to false, but maybe not.

I still have no idea why this started happening now.


There is an attribute: immediate-check, which was introduced with 1.0.0-RC0
Maybe you used an older version before.

Thanks. I don’t think so, this project was started with 1.0.1 - something made it nod trigger until yesterday.

Well, it solved the problem, so I’ll not think about it anymore :slight_smile: