SOLVED: Input does not update on IOS


Hey Guys… I need help…

I am having a problem with my app on IOS. I have a view where i can input different values and save them. Works like a charm. If i wish to edit the data and open the view with data loaded from the database all the input fields are filled with the data but i am unable to edit the values in the form. The keyboards pops us as expected but no data is typed. Works like a charm on Android.

I would love to dump a codepen but the rest of my code is kindda complex.

Hope anyone can help.


A date field failed under IOS. But worked under Anrdoid and browser testing…


yep, safari does not support this html5 standards. i build some workarounds for that like:

–> styling a div/span like a text input --> there you show the value. If you click on it, i open the cordova datepicker plugin (the native one)