[SOLVED] Include Stencil component in Ionic v4/Angular v6

Ok before I spend time for nothing…

  1. To bundle a Stencil lib/component in an Ionic v4/ Angular 6, should I modify angular.json in order to include the component with the assets category or is there a better way?

  2. Should I still set CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA as schema where I use the component?


  1. Probably no according the doc. https://stenciljs.com/docs/framework-integration/

Still so far unable to make it…

  1. According doc, yes

I could close this, I have updated my libs to be compatible with Ionic v4. Also documented the way to include them in such an app in their respective README

i couldnt understand the solution. Could you explain me what we made to resolve this problem. I have same issue with ionic v4. I want to put a breakpoint to IF statatements but cant do it.

But i can put inside of if statement