[SOLVED in v4] Can't import more than one component in an Ionic v3 app?

Do someone face or was facing the same problem that it isn’t possible to import more than one single web component built with Stencil in an Ionic v3 app?

I’ve got two components, actually I added a new one, and it didn’t worked anymore (I mean the components did nothing, juste rendered a blank element). I removed the import of the 2nd component and the 1st one worked just fine again :disappointed_relieved: :thinking:

I have opened an issue but I would be really really happy to hear that I’m wrong and that I should correct that and that

It’s solved in Ionic v4

P.S.: About how to include web components build with Stencil in an Ionic v4 app, follow [SOLVED] Include Stencil component in Ionic v4/Angular v6