[solved] Images with Cordova not diplayed in app (but in browser)


I’ve got a crazy problem: my images aren’t displayed. I use Cordova with the framework. My images appears in browsers when I launch my app in my desktop… But they aren’t in my app (using “ionic run android”). I use relative links:

<a href="#/app/search" class="nav tab-item">
    <img src="img/btn_menu-search.png" />

Here is a part of my tree view:


Should I use absolute links? Is my tree view wrong?

Thanks for you answers!

I’ve the same tree and I use the same src path and it works on my Iphone emulator.

How do you started the cordova?
Using “cordova serve” command?
I think u should run “cordova build android” and then run “cordova serve”

I’ve just found the solution: my path was exactly /myApp/www/img/charte/_2/btn_menu-seach.png. And the folder _2 doesn’t seem to be a good idea. I renamed it into “x2” and now, it works!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: