(Solved) If I need to use Phonegap, what change?


Just for experiment sake, if i need to use phonegap with ionic and not cordova, what do i need to replace in the default ionic starter app for it to work and what would i be missing by using phonegap with ionic and not cordova?




After that you install Phonegap ( that is an Adobe porting of Cordova ), you create a skeleton with Phonegap. Then you copy the www folder under Cordova/Ionic solution to www folder of Phonegap solution. Change the javascript link from cordova.js to phonegap.js into your main html file.


Thanks, am trying to give the new Phonegap developer app a try - http://app.phonegap.com


Ok. You can try it also under Cordova. There is cordava serve command that open a socket on IP:PORT of your pc. If you point your mobile browser to that address. you can see your app pageā€¦


Thanks, wil give it a try.


Update: with cordova serve you can see real time mods on your app without manually reload.