[solved]Database in ionic

I need 1 db local in my app, but have 1 question, the best bd for this i tink pouchdb but need your help.
pouchdb is the best??

Tanks for help

It depends on what you mean by “database”. Perhaps you just need local storage? If so, then you can handle that yourself or use many existing angular implementations such as :

Tanks Callender

already managed to do what I wanted thanks to your help.
SO I would like to know one more thing, is it possible to check for ionic binding to the internet from the device? I was trying to use the plugin cordova not yet got it working :confused: also saw your post here How to use Cordova plugins with Ionic Framework, the Angular way
but what the variable var checkConnection gets the value = function up ()} ;

once again, thanks for the help

Please check out my below tutorial, where I have used HTML5 locastorage with ionic framework.


Thanks Akhil. Exactly what I was looking for.
Maybe you could provide the source code to me?

BR Metz

Managed to implement the DB.
I’ve used the getting started guide from Ionic - Many thanks to the team. This is great. - and extended the myApp with a local SQL database.

tanks akhil you hare the best

Bloody hell!! Such horrible video editing. We have to literally watch your every keystroke. Please edit your video and upload again. You can make it a 20 mins video.

@siddhartha - Please learn some manners to speak in such type of forums. If you don’t like my video, just ignore it. At least, I shared my knowledge with all, what you did so far?

I request moderators of this forum to watch for @siddhartha reply and take appropriate action, if his reply to my post is objectionable.


Please be courteous in these public forums. One thing you have to understand is that ionic currently is a free open source framework and no one is here to cater to your needs, people can only try to help you.

I think what you are looking for is not a tutorial video but ready-to-bake code. Here you go.

@akhil and @peey

I think its cool that you spent time on that (:

Guess what I timed it. It took exactly 1min and 22 seconds :smile:

@akhil and @peey Is the sqlite plugin good to use

If u r going to develop a serious ionic app, definitely use pouchdb
as pouchdb has a 2-way data synchronisation with couchdb. It’s really an amazing persistent database for ionic app.

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I have been using pouchdb for a while and it works like a charm. So I definitely recommend it. You can also enable it to use sqlite if is necessary, documentation explains it in detail.

Here is my another video tutorial where I have used indexedDB, because indexedDB is supported by all platform.

nicely explained akhil each and every part of the app and how to interact with HTML5 localstorage, thumbs up , I was looking for this and now I got the clear view of my application logic and functionality after watching this, thanks a ton.

indexedDB isn’t supported by all platforms => https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/4.0.0/cordova_storage_storage.md.html

My latest tutorial on ionic and lovefield