[SOLVED] Attempting to patch and test an existing plugin, but my changes won't get compiled

So, I added a new method to @ionic-native/firebase, and according to the DEVELOPER.md:

You need to run `npm run build` in the `ionic-native` project, this will create a `dist` directory. 
The `dist` directory will contain a sub directory `@ionic-native` with all the packages compiled
 in there. Copy the package(s) you created/modified to your app's node_modules under the
`@ionic-native` directory. (e.g. `cp -r dist/@ionic-native/plugin-name 

But when I try to use the new function in my app, I get this:

Native: tried calling Firebase.getVerificationID, but the Firebase plugin is not installed.
Install the Firebase plugin: 'ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase'

But other methods in the plugin run fine.

Each time I run ionic cordova run android, it seems like ionic is re-installing the version from npm. WHat am I doing wrong?

So, it looks like the function i implemented is in the master branch of the cordova plugin, but hasn;t been published to npm yet!