[SOLVED] App name starting with @something problem


For some reasons my clients wants their app to be named @brand
But when compiling, cordova thinks it’s a reference to some other variable.
Is tere a way to escape that @ in the app name in the config.xml?

I got an almost thing.
When escaping the @ with a backslash it works on android, but my on iOS it’s now named \ @brand

Finaly found a way to accomplish what i was trying to do.

Letting people know for legacy’

In config.xml I escaped the @ in the short property of the name tag

<name short="\@brand" translatable="false">brand</name>

This way when android pick it up it escape the @,

Then to prevent xCode from writting the \

I added a config-file tag to edit the CFBundleDisplayName to be @brand and voilà

<config-file parent="CFBundleDisplayName" platform="ios" target="*-Info.plist">