[SOLVED] Android store update successfully pushed but not noticed on devices


I used to publish every version of my app using XWalk but I decided to push a new update without it (I think that might be the root problem of the following lines).

Everything went thru without problem (like always ;)) and the update was published.

Now, on devices where the app was already installed, seems that this update isn’t noticed (even after 24 hours). When I open the store I see correctly the last version of my app (without XWalk) but on the device itself the app still remains the previous one and nothing is pending in my “app to update list”.

Does anyone have experienced that issue? Were you able to resolve it? If yes and yes, how?

Thx in advance

P.S.: When I get the app from the store on a device where my app isn’t present/installed yet or uninstalled, I correctly get the actual/last version without Walk

P.P.S.: When I pushed my new version, the android console displayed me that my new version covers 100% of the actual devices where my app is installed

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Well I think my problem comes from the apk versionscode (in the google console)

Before I was using XWalk, so my arm and x86 apks add following versionscode:


Now I removed XWalk and my apk as versionscode:


which is behind, that maybe the problem?

anyone knows if it’s possible to update or push higher an apk versionscode?

This probably could be the reason, at least it would make sense.

@Sujan12 thx for confirming my doubt.

Well I wrote the android support (no answer yet). Gonna wait a bit today, if no answer, gonna try to set the versionscode higher by myself in the config.xml

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I think right now the versionCode is set automagically by Cordova, maybe there is a way to change this so it works with your old versionCodes.

According the link I post above, it’s possible (thru the attribute android-versionCode of widget in config.xml) to set a specific versionscode for android, but also read that might not work :wink:

Well I gonna try later, if it allow me to fix that problem…only downside I see right now, it would means I would have to handle manually each time the number, but well I could live with that

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Specifying a higher Android versionCode solve my issue.

To do so, I had to add an attribute android-versionCode=“my number” in element widget of config.xml

<widget id="com.myApp" version="0.1.0" android-versionCode="10010">

Like I said before, the downside is now that furthermore the version number I will have to think to change manually the Android versionCode too, but rather like that downside at not being able to notice my user there is a new version of the app.

P.S.: Side note, Android console allowed me to publish again a same version number (example 0.1.0 which was already in store but was not noticed) but with a higher version code (1010 to 10010)