Social sharing on iOS not showing Facebook?


Hi! I’ve added the plugin for social share:

And using the standard share-method for a more generic sharing where the user can choose himself where to share. But I’ve noticed that on iOS my own Facebook app is not displaying. It’s working fine on Android.

See attached image. Under the “more” button there are no options to add Facebook. The title is “activities”.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is my phone maybe? It’s an iPhone 6 with 8.0.2.

Also, I’m wondering why this shows in English. It should show in the native language on the phone, which should be Swedish.



Until moderator removes this you all should know this occurs because Facebook wasn’t logged into under Settings. Didn’t know that was needed.


Glad you solved it but I see you have the same issue that I have with the language, will be great if someone could illuminate us through the darkness with this common issue.