Social Share Filename issue on iOS

Hey Guys,

I am using the cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing plugin.
When I social share and send to email via android it uses the subject as the filename and works fine.
When I do the same with iOS it does not use the subject as the filename.

Any idea how I can change the filename in iOS? Is there a way to put a filename in the base64 string perhaps?


socialShareTimeSheetPdf() {
    .create({ keyboardClose: true, message: 'Generating PDF...' })
    .then(loadingEl => {

      const msg = + ' has sent you a Timesheet for week ending: '
        + moment(this.currentTimeSheet.weekEndingDate).format('dddd DD/MM/YY');
      const fileName = 'timesheet-' + + '-' + moment(this.currentTimeSheet.weekEndingDate).format('DD-MM-YYYY');

      this.generatePdfService.getPdfObj().getBase64((data) => {
        const pdfBase64 = 'data:application/pdf;base64,' + data;
        this.socialSharing.share(msg, fileName, pdfBase64, null);


I found a solution. You can specify a filename in the base64 string.
Change your base64 string as follows:
df:${fileName}.pdf; + pdfBase64

See here: