Social login errors

I’m trying to implement login with google and facebook using cordova-plugin-googleplus and cordova-plugin-facebook4, but I’m getting errors while builiding the application:


❌  /Users/ionic/builds/project-0/platforms/ios/Bonzo/Plugins/cordova-plugin-googleplus/GooglePlus.h:2:9: 'GoogleSignIn/GoogleSignIn.h' file not found


❌  /Users/ionic/builds/project-0/platforms/ios/Bonzo/Plugins/cordova-plugin-facebook4/FacebookConnectPlugin.h:13:9: 'FBSDKCoreKit/FBSDKCoreKit.h' file not found

Anyone knows how to fix it?

may be this helps you

I’ll read the thread, but I see that it’s related to xcode builds and I’m building my application in Ionic Hub.

My project is written in Angular.

After downgrading cordova-plugin-googleplus to version 7.0.2 application compiled successfully.

Login with facebook solved by downgrading cordova-plugin-facebook4 to version 5.0.0

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