So is there any way to clear the Navigation stack with Ionic and Angular?

It seems like a lot of people have asked this question, and I’ve been on-and-off trying for a couple of weeks now to find a solution. Basically, I’m creating an app with offline capabilities. Normally, there would be multiple tabs, and inside of one of the tabs is a list of items - and clicking on that item will bring you to a detail page, etc etc. When the user is offline, they can ONLY access data that they’ve downloaded. Therefore, from the “home” tab, I’d like a way to reset ALL of the navigation stacks of the entire app, and basically have it be starting as new again when the user switches to offline mode. Obviously what’s happening now, is the user might be viewing an item detail page that they haven’t downloaded, then they would navigate to the home tab, switch to offline, and when they go back to the Items tab, it is trying to have open an item that is not in storage.

It seems like this could be such an easy thing to fix. I get that it’s not natural behavior for mobile apps to reset the stack when you navigate away, but is there ANY solution for this?? I feel like my case makes sense

This question has been asked several times in this forum and stackoverflow. if you search, it would point you in the right direction.

I’ve read every Ionic Forum and Stack Overflow post on this - is the consensus that there’s just no way to accomplish this?

you sure searched? cause i found several: ionic how to clear navigation stack - Google Search