SMS is not rendering the message and keyboard correctly consistently


When I use the sms plugin with iOS as shown in the Ionic documentation the keyboard shows inconsistently within the text window. After calling

this.sms.send('416123456', 'Hello world!');

as in the documents, one of three things happens without apparent rhyme or reason:

  1. The keyboard and message you intend to send pops up along with the message as one might expect.

  2. No key board or message pops up - the worst outcome. Sometimes the message and keyboard will appear to pop up for an instant before being pushed down and out of the screen

  3. Occasionally the message will rest at the bottom of the screen with no keyboard in the view.

Options 1 and 2 seem to happen almost half the time. When tested, it seems random as repeatedly inviting the same contact will sometimes show things correctly and sometimes not. Further invites thereafter show no patter.

Option 3 is only different in that it happens less often than option 1 and 2.

When option 2 or 3 happen the issue is corrected when the user clicks on the space where the contact’s name is located and where you can add additional contacts with the keyboard.

Here you can see an example. One has the message and keyboard in view as it is supposed to and the other has neither. What is going on?!?


I can see no example and also no code how you implemented it. Right now I would have to use my crystal ball and guess what you did and what could go wrong…