Slow scrolling because of the ion-item-sliding

I just upgraded to Beta 10 and scrolling on my list is a bit slower than it was. The items are wrapped by an ion-item-sliding. When I removed it, the scrolling is smooth.

Is this a known issue?

Please provide a small demo of what you have?

Hi @mhartington . Thanks for replying. I forgot to mention this problem exists on the device only. Not the browser.

It’s there on the app installed in both Android and iOS.

I created a demo of what I have. It’s only an ion-list with the ion-item-sliding repeated.


I also have this problem. Lists of 80+ items (ish) get slower and anything over about 200 is much more noticeably slow.

This happens with a multiline list item with an avatar/image, but then with sliding items as well it gets so much worse that the app become almost unusable, even with infinite scroll. The more items that are loaded the slower it gets. It isn’t too bad on Android but on iOS it is not good. Seems like Chrome is superior to Safari!

Virtual scroll does definitely improve scrolling speed, however I wouldn’t ship this for a customer since it produces a horrible flickering effect as it is rendering the new items onto the screen


same problem here…

yes, got the same issue as well!

Seem to be fixed in the latest builds locally.

This is with the code that will be beta 11

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