Slow response on $http post request

Hey guys,
I created a mobile application and it loads data from a php server by $http post.
Everything works fine and I get response correctly but so slow.
In the photo you can see the details of the request and response time.
I’ve search in the codes and google nothing could help me so I’ll appreciate if you can give me a solution.


maybe a slow internet connection?
or is your server under heigh load?

It’s not internet, I’ve tested it even with high-speed dsl (50mb/s) and also the server is Amazon EC2 so I don’t think the hardware is the problem.

if you check the request has 10sec latency I’m not sure what it is .

I think the latency may have something to do with it, but its hard to pinpoint it.

Have you gone through your server code to see if you are doing any slow processes or something unnecessary?