Slow Keyboard Animation - Any Fixes?

Whenever I open the keyboard, it is slow and takes Ionic a second to resize the window. The footer then lags behind the keyboard opening.

Has anyone found an issue to solve this?

It always helps to show code and describe the details of the device you tested on. Assuming you’re using something like the Capacitor keyboard plugin, things should just work with no slowdown.

Here is the code. I like that it is sticky to the bottom, just wished the footer would animate as quickly as the keyboard does.

        <div style={commentBarStyle} className="comment--footer">
          <div className="comment--footer--inside--wrapper">
              style={{ color: "black" }}
              onIonChange={(e) => setcommentText(e.detail.value!)}
              // disabled={commentText ? false : true}
              {commentText ? <IonIcon size="medium" icon={arrowUpOutline} /> : <IonImg src={} />}

What animation are you referring to specifically?

What devices are you testing this on? if its an older android or iphone, of course it will lag.