Slow down app when I return to the home

Hi everyone, I’m new to ionic, and I’m developing my first application with it, it’s almost finished, but I have a problem that only occurs on Android devices, while on IOS and WEB I have no problem.

In practice, when I click on the button to return to the Home, be it an ion-back-button or a simple button with router-link, the application freezes for 1 second and then returns to the Home, even the animation of the button starts later 1 second.

When it returns to the Home no API calls or anything is made so it has no reason to slow down.

This happens from any page I come from.

While between the various pages I can switch very quickly even on Android devices, so I think the problem is in the Home, but I don’t understand why only on Android devices.

I noticed that on Android Studio when I go back to it comes out this error that I have never seen:
I / HwViewRootImpl: removeInvalidNode all the node in jank list is out of time

I leave you some information about the project:





I hope this information is enough, I cannot share my project on git because it is private and I keep personal information, but if an Admin can help me, I can send him the repository in private

I apologize for my bad English

Update: I commented the supertabs on the home-page.html file and now also on Android it goes fast, so I think the problem comes from one of the pages I load in the home, also the error on Android Studio is gone, so surely that slowdown comes from this error:
I / HwViewRootImpl: removeInvalidNode all the node in jank list is out of time

Update: I discovered that I have this error on Android Studio only if the page is visible and in fact by leaving only this page visible I have this problem (I mean both the error present on Android Studio and both the app that slows down if I go back to the Home), while if I leave the other 3 pages visible in the Home I don’t have this problem.

So I think it’s useful to leave you the code of that page:

I think the problem is in my ion-list, or on list to show, please help me!

Update: I have updated both Ionic, Capcitor, and Angular but the problem persists.

I change ion-list with virtual-scroll but i have the same problem only with Android Device.

Nobody can help me please?

By doing further tests on different Android devices, I found that the problem only exists on Huawei smartphones, both with Android 9 and 10.

While on Samsung, Xiaomi and LG there were no problems or slowdowns.