Slow and bugginh modal showing and hiding


I’m having problems with modals, when i call show() and hide() method, sometimes have delay and sometimes the modal stay on front but invisible and sometimes it stay invisible but on front of view… in the last 2 cases, the “click” goes to the behind screen.

Testing in chrome I had no problems, only on the emulator and on the device (ios).

Somebody can help me?


There’s been a bit of back and forth on this already. Check for solutions in this post:

It’s a little bit different than occurs with me, the window that should stay in front, stay behind and invisible, but the “clicks” goes to it even I can not see.

In version 0.9.21 it not occurs this problem, in version 0.9.26 i have this problem.

Look at this sample: It’s a delayed modal. It opens after 500msec. When you click the login button in the modal, the modal closes. It’s plenty fast.

Maybe fork it with your code so we can see the issue?


How you fix the problem of resize? Maybe it can help me.

Not sure which resize problem you are referring to. Can you explain a bit more?


In this link, when the modal shows, i can see the background of behind content.

How to fix it?

There were a few modal problems in 0.9.25 - which your demo uses. Actually, your demo worked fine in Chrome Canary but did not work properly in regular Google Chrome.

See this updated example that uses 0.9.26. It works fine in both.