Sliding Tabs & JSON Feed

I have a ionic project using the slide tabs. I placed coding within the ion-slide for my news feed (calling wp json), but it’s not displaying anything and I can’t figure out why. Below is my code within a slide:

     <ion-refresher on-refresh="loadBlogs()">            
        <div data-ng-if="!posts.length">
                <h2>  </h2>
        <div class="list" data-ng-if="posts.length">
            <a data-ng-repeat="p in posts" data-ng-click="viewBlog(p.URL)">                    
                <div class="blog-title" data-ng-bind-html="toTrusted(p.title)"> 
                <div class="blog-details">
                    <img data-ng-src="{{}}" alt="">
                        <span class="blogger"> {{ }} </span>  
                        <span class="pubdate">{{ }} </span>
        <ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="moreBlogs()" 
                data-ng-if="infiniteLoad" icon="">


Any ideas? Is there a way to call a html file within the template in each ion-slide? – this seems to be an easier option if its doable.