Sliding menu from right

Hi all,

how can I get an addidional menu or page that slides in from the right side? I have an item-list and I want to edit the items that way.


Add some code to understand exactly what you want

If you want a sliding menu from left or right side, have a check on these built-in components (ionic2/3):
You may need to use the @viewchild ng component to use them too. As for Io2 tabs, you can directly state where they are located on screen (left, top, right, bottom). Note: If you start on Ionic 3, go with the SplitPane approach, it’s much easier.

SideMenu (ionic 2)

SplitPane (ionic 3)

Hi, many thanks for your answer. Do you know the app Wunderlist? If you click on a list item of the todo list than an additional overlay window from the right slides in There you can edit your list.

Nope, can you show me some screenies of this app? I’ll have a look in the week.

I use a popover event now. Thanks. Topic can be closed.