SlideBox - slider pager| Group By Slide Box - i need advise :)


Explain: :smile:
i have data from server that is group by some type(or i will group it on FE).
i mean that i want to show slide box with slider pager and also swipe as usual between all the slides like this:
A: 3 slide (show on slider pager 3)
B: 5 slide (show on slider pager 5)
C: 4 slide (show on slider pager 4)

  • notice when i swipe between groups the slider pager will update also and offcourse i will have the ability to swipe between section groups, such A->B->C and reverse.

what is the best way to do this?

  • generally, from performence aspect, i think to show all the group toghter but the slider pager will by changed dynamic by group. (i dont know if this is possible).
  • another thing is to create for each group a slide box and then just “play and connect with them”.
  • another idea is to use the update method on the onSlidePage event when the group is change.

Thanks 4 help


Not possible Sliders are static